Cinema et Peinture

Film Projection: 2/3 September, 21:00, Evanghelical Church, Cisnadioara

A project coordinated by Oana Ionel in Kunsthaus 7B


The cinematic perspective on Vasarely's work is a multidisciplinary work, placed in the interaction of painting and cinema and it is created by the artist Oana Ionel who is also the curator of the exhibition. Victor Vasarely, an outstanding artistic personality of the 20th Century, known as the "Father of Op-Art", created a body of work with an impact worldwide, that also had strong influence in other artistic fields as architecture, furniture industry, interior design, fashion and not at last cinematography. The interaction between Vasarely`s work and cinema can be explored at the level of movement, light. shadow, color contrast. The cinematic perspective that Oana Ionel brings on Vasarely's work focuses on the importance of the interdisciplinarity in the field of the contemporaries arts. The filmic collage made by the artist is part of a larger project "Cinema et Peinture" that aims to also underline another type of perception of the viewer towards the work of art (making also the transition from the painters's canvas to the cinema canvas)


Oana Ionel is an artist and curator who has a focus in her theoretical an visual researches, from the last 8 years, in the area of interaction between cinema and painting. She graduated Psychology (University of Bucharest) and also the National University of Fine Arts from Bucharest (Painting Department). She studied in France at L'Ecole Superieure d'Art from Grenoble.


Photo credit: Christian Draghici