K7BIC - Kunsthaus 7B Investors Circle


Kunsthaus 7B Investors Circle is coming! A convenient way to combine five aspects:

* Support Kunsthaus 7B Cisnadioara

* Support young upcoming talents from Romania and Middle Europe

* Benefit from Art-Investments

* Benefit from insights and special offers

* Join a group of art/connoisseurs and people who enjoy their life and art.


Start: 26. January 2020

Pre-Registration open now!

Information: Kunsthaus7B@gmail.com

Art & Cuisine


In summer 2020 art collector and dealer Thomas Emmerling invites every last weekend in the month (May - October) tourist groups and art-lovers to Cisnadioara. Welcome Drink and private guided tour through the recent exhibition, visiting the medival Church-Fortress of Cisnadioara, time to change the dress-code and in the evening Thomas Emmerlng invites in his house for a private dinner and afterwards a glimpse in his art-collection. Good wine and good discussions with interesting people are guaranteed. Accommodation in Cisnadioara. Registration and our confirmation are required. More information: Kunsthaus7B@gmail.com