Since June 2017 Kunsthaus 7B organized:

- 28 exhibitions in Cisnădioara and Europe

- Exhibitions for more than 50 artists from Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, USA, Israel, Moldavia, Bulgaria and of course Romania

- More than 5 Mio people could enjoy our projects as art in public spaces, museums, galleries and in Kunsthaus 7B

Thank you very much all our sponsors, donators and partners who enabled this!

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K7BIC - Kunsthaus 7B Investors Circle


Kunsthaus 7B Investors Circle is coming! A convenient way to combine five aspects:

* Support Kunsthaus 7B Cisnadioara

* Support young upcoming talents from Romania and Middle Europe

* Benefit from Art-Investments

* Benefit from insights and special offers

* Join a group of art/connoisseurs and people who enjoy their life and art.


Start: 26. January 2020

Pre-Registration open now!


Art & Cuisine


In summer 2020 art collector and dealer Thomas Emmerling invites every last weekend in the month (May - October) tourist groups and art-lovers to Cisnadioara. Welcome Drink and private guided tour through the recent exhibition, visiting the medival Church-Fortress of Cisnadioara, time to change the dress-code and in the evening Thomas Emmerlng invites in his house for a private dinner and afterwards a glimpse in his art-collection. Good wine and good discussions with interesting people are guaranteed. Accommodation in Cisnadioara. Registration and our confirmation are required. More information:



Artist Talk - Armin Mühsam - 13th June 2021 at 4 p.m

By occasion of the finissage of the recent Armin Mühsam exhibition "Multivariant Causalities" the artist from Kansas City, Mo. USA comes for an artist talk to Kunsthaus 7B in Cisnadioara.


Armin Mühsam is talking about his work, his inspiration and the social critic aspects in his work.

Dialectic Classics 2018, oil on canvas 60 x 56