„Kunsthaus 7 B“ in Cisnădioara is an art-space for meeting modern and contemporary art (not only) from the Danube area.

In its permanent exhibition is shown a part of the contemporary art collection of Thomas Emmerling.

In its temporary exhibition space, there are works by modern and contemporary artists exposed. “Kunsthaus 7 B” is collaborating in this field with internationally leading art academies, museums, galleries, curators and artists. In regular changing exhibitions, there will be shown paintings, sculptures, graphics, installations and Video-works. Conceptual, experimental and as well figurative.

„Kunsthaus 7 B“ is targeting an international audience and is offering a platform, to introduce art from the Danube region.  In the same time it is a space for offering encounters with international established artists. For example, there are organized regularly international art-camps in the fields of painting and video.

We are convinced that Europe, especially the Danube region, is one joint living-area which becomes unique through its diversity. “Kunsthaus 7 B” wants to present this unity through diversity.


Impreună - Gemeinsam

10.06 - 17.09.2018



7 female artists exhibit at Sibiu airport  and Kunsthaus 7B



Artists from Germany and Romania exhibit together in Cisnădioara and Sibiu. They represent the contemporary times of their countries, a time of change. Societies begin to change, when women start to change. The artist are: Agnes Mattis-Teutsch (RO), Andrea Floreanu (RO), Daniela Cristina Gagiu (RO), Ingrid Weissman (DE), Oana Ionel (RO), Ulrike Hischke (DE), Wiebke Herrmann (DE). Continue here

The four Graces

19.05. - 24.06.2018


Artist group from Vienna

Art privat, vol. 2

27.10 - 06.12.2018