„Kunsthaus 7 B“ in Cisnădioara is an art-space for meeting modern and contemporary art (not only) from the Danube area.

In its permanent exhibition is shown a part of the contemporary art collection of Thomas Emmerling.

In its temporary exhibition space, there are works by modern and contemporary artists exposed. “Kunsthaus 7 B” is collaborating in this field with internationally leading art academies, museums, galleries, curators and artists. In regular changing exhibitions, there will be shown paintings, sculptures, graphics, installations and Video-works. Conceptual, experimental and as well figurative.

„Kunsthaus 7 B“ is targeting an international audience and is offering a platform, to introduce art from the Danube region.  In the same time it is a space for offering encounters with international established artists. For example, there are organized regularly international art-camps in the fields of painting and video.

We are convinced that Europe, especially the Danube region, is one joint living-area which becomes unique through its diversity. “Kunsthaus 7 B” wants to present this unity through diversity.

Art privat


International Art Collectors meeting

Alena Adamikova (SK), Oana Ionel (RO), Niki Passath (A), Ingrid Weissmann (DE), Andreea Floreanu (RO), Radu Rodideal (RO), Lyudmila Martynova (HU), Zlatka Stoykova (BG)


"A hot wine at Kunsthaus 7B"

Art connoisseurs can socialize at Kunsthaus 7 B and enjoy the exhibition "Art privat"