„Kunsthaus 7 B“ in Cisnădioara is an art-space for meeting modern and contemporary art (not only) from the Danube area.

In its permanent exhibition is shown a part of the contemporary art collection of Thomas Emmerling.

In its temporary exhibition space, there are works by modern and contemporary artists exposed. “Kunsthaus 7 B” is collaborating in this field with internationally leading art academies, museums, galleries, curators and artists. In regular changing exhibitions, there will be shown paintings, sculptures, graphics, installations and Video-works. Conceptual, experimental and as well figurative.

„Kunsthaus 7 B“ is targeting an international audience and is offering a platform, to introduce art from the Danube region.  In the same time it is a space for offering encounters with international established artists. For example, there are organized regularly international art-camps in the fields of painting and video.

We are convinced that Europe, especially the Danube region, is one joint living-area which becomes unique through its diversity. “Kunsthaus 7 B” wants to present this unity through diversity.

Program 2018 

Collection GPL Vienna

24.03 - 06.05.2018


painting - objects - installation - video



"Collection GPL Vienna - Contemporary art from an Austrian private collection". Art collector Georg Peithner Lichtenfels, Vienna is introducing contemporary art out of his portfolio. 

Elements of light

19.05. - 24.06.2018


photographs - Interventions - installation - film - painting 

Heinz Kasper, European artist and lighting designer shows light in Kunsthaus 7B and Cisnadioara. 


21.06 - 23.06.2018


light - music - dance

Romania today

30.06 - 02.09.2018


Mircea Cantor, Adrian Ghenie, Ciprian Muresan and others

AOEN - OZ - in Esperanto "eternal light", world premiere of the new performance by Heinz Kasper, a media performance about "death, resurrection and eternity"  on the fortress Cisnădioara/Michelsberg. It is the start of a world tour which will lead to Island, South Africa, Panama and Japan.


An overview about the internationally established contemporary Romanian. Out of a private collection from Bucharest